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Today many of our governments have old ideas about citizenship, taxation, and the nation are resistant to modern realities. Unable to change their circumstances, they consign themselves to lives of mediocrity, complacency, poverty, and servitude. Sadly, they become cornered into accepting someone else’s vision for their lives. However, by accepting their situation without question, they become unwittingly complicit in their own demise. If only they were to have sufficient knowledge and strength of will, they would soon discover that their disastrous lot in life was not only unacceptable but also totally preventable.

Individuals today no longer have to live in ignorance and are learning that they have rights. They are not victims at birth and they are not controlled by the limited choices their governments impose on them. Although individuals may have little say as to their ethnicity or country of origin, they can still exercise their free will. Furthermore, they can break the bonds that limit their traveling opportunities and look forward to a new future with endless possibilities.

Second passports should be an essential part of everyone’s portfolio. They not only provide a parachute in case of emergency, but they also conserve wealth and accumulation tools. These days, people must look beyond their own borders if they want maximize their opportunities. Having a second citizenship in another country provides a whole world of new options and fresh look to build a meaningfu

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme

Antigua and Barbuda lie in the eastern arc of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. The Antiguan coastline is peppered with numerous coves and bays, many with beautiful white sand beaches. Barbuda, a low-lying coral island located 32 miles North of Antigua is sparsely populated and encompasses an expansive lagoon, which is bound by a long undeveloped beach. This English-speaking nation has been a tourism hub in the Caribbean since the 1970’s. This West Indies tourist hub features some of the world’s best beaches. The Citizenship by Investment Programme was approved in 2013. With a new airport terminal opened in 2015 to accommodate the many daily flights from Europe and the Americas, tourism development is becoming the principal economy of the islands.

Early in 2013, the Senate of Antigua and Barbuda voted to establish a Citizenship by Investment Programme to spur growth in the islands. Antigua has long been an international hub for the West Indies and the new CIP is breathing life into the tourism and financial sectors.

Advantages of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme:

    • Extensive visa-free travel to 145+ countries
    • Quick processing 2-3 months
    • Inclusion of dependent children under *26 years and dependent parents or grandparents over 65 years
    • No requirement to travel to Antigua and Barbuda during the application process
    • No interview, education or managerial experience required
    • No taxes on international revenue
    • wealth or inheritance tax
    • Investment Opportunities

Government Donation to National Development Fund (NDF)

In order to qualify for this programme, the investor makes a designated non-refundable donation to the government-controlled National Development Fund (NDF). This non-profit fund is subject to parliamentary oversight to allow for transparency and accountability and will also be audited by an internationally recognized accounting firm.

The minimum investment is US$100,000 and additional fees apply per family member. However, before transferring the funds, applications are submitted with due diligence fees for the applicant and all dependents who are 12 years of age and older and 10% of the government processing fee. Following the completion of the due diligence process, a letter of approval will be issued and instructions will be given for the transfer of funds within 30 days. Citizenship is granted, then.

Real Estate Investment

To qualify, the investor (or investors) must enter into a contract to purchase approved real estate with a minimum value of US$400,000. Once the purchase contract has been signed and the funds are in escrow, the investor may apply for citizenship. The real estate purchase contract is contingent on the citizenship acceptance.

Upon submission of your application, you will be asked to pay the due diligence fees and 10% of the government processing fee. Once citizenship has been accepted with a letter of approval the real estate purchase will be completed and the balance of the government fees are due. The Real Estate Investment cannot be sold for a minimum of a 5-year period. Authorized real estate developments cater to make every effort to ensure ownership is a hassle-free experience.

Business investment

Antigua & Barbuda offers a third option of direct investment into an authorised business on the islands. The required minimum investment levels are as follows:

      • An individual makes an investment in an approved business of at least US$1,500,000 on their own behalf.
      • A minimum of at least two individuals can make a joint investment in an approved business totalling at least US$5,000,000.
      • Each investor is to contribute at least US$400,000 individually.

All potential investors are advised to contact the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA), through an authorised CIP agent to discuss the details of the proposed investment before initiating business.

Schedule of fees

Applicants and their families will also have to pay the following fees depending on the size of the family for either of the investment options:

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme

With a population of around 110,000 on the island of 344 km2 (133 mi2), the ‘Spice Isle’ is one of the most beautifully lush islands in the West Indies. Naturally exotic, Grenada’s breathtaking scenery includes mountain waterfalls and golden beaches surrounded by tropical rain forests. The view is appealing even to the most discerning world traveler. This mix of unspoiled authentic Caribbean of yesteryear and friendly and modern lifestyle today, makes it the perfect place to live and play.

In 2013, the independent island nation of Grenada re-launched their Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Advantages of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme:


A speedy application process; a law mandates that routine applications will be approved within 60 days of submission, with the passport issued immediately thereafter.

(The application must be submitted after the background checks have been performed.)

Family Friendly: By not charging exorbitant processing and due diligence fees for spouses and family members, Grenada is an attractive option for international businessmen looking for security and travel options for their families.

Good Visa-Free Travel: The Grenada passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries.

Zero Tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes. World Class University: Grenada is home to St. Georges University, anaccredited medical, veterinary and arts & science educational institution. There is no requirement to visit Grenada in order to qualify for citizenship.

Investment Opportunities
Government Donation to National Transformation Fund (NTF)

In order to qualify for this programme, the applicant makes a donation to the government-controlled National Transformation Fund (NTF). This option allows one to complete the process in two stages: the permanent residence stage and the citizenship application stage. However, you can apply directly for citizenship only.

The minimum investment is US$200,000 and additional fees apply per family member.

Real Estate Investment

To qualify, the applicant must invest in approved real estate with a minimum value of US$350,000.

The process of obtaining Grenada Citizenship by Investment usually takes 3-4 months. The applicant must enter into a sales and purchase agreement with an approved real estate project and transfer full investment and associated fees to an Escrow account controlled by an on island attorney. Once it is done, the authorized agent submits applications and required documents to the Government and receives the Approval and the Certificate of Naturalization. With these documents on hand, the authorized agent submits a request for passport.

Schedule of fees

Applicants and their families will also have to pay the following fees depending on the size of the family for either of the investment options:

Malta Citizenship – The Individual Investor Programme

Malta is an island nation in the central Mediterranean Sea to the south from Sicily. For hundreds of years, Malta plays a role of a cultural and political bridge between North Africa and Europe. The sovereign country nowadays, Malta used to be a colony of the British Empire for more than two hundred years and gained it’s independency in 1964. In May 2004 Malta joined the European union as a fun member, in 2007 the county became a member of the Schengen area.

Malta has a beautiful climate, friendly people and very low crime rate, which makes the island perfect place for living or having the second home. Malta has a good infrastructure, which includes a great health care system, telecommunications, banking and postal services, as well as efficient public services.

The island is very well connected with the Europe by multiple airlines operating in the region, the sea ferry links Malta to Italy.

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) requires the Applicant to make a significant economic contribution to the country. In exchange, following strict conditions including a thorough background check, Applicants and members of their family receive citizenship.

Advantages of Malta Individual Investor Program:

A passport of Malta allows visa-free and hassle-free travel to 166+ countries in the world, including the UK, USA and Canada, as well as all European countries
A possibility to include in the application children under 26 years old and parents/grandparents over 55 years old
Citizenships obtained by the programme grants the rights of full citizenship for life and can be passed down to decendents
Malta is an attractive place to live or to own a second home and is strategically located with excellent air links
The country imposes no inheritance, net worth or wealth taxes
Investment Requirements

To qualify for citizenship of Malta, the main applicant must be at least 18 years old and meet the following investment requirements:

€ 650,000
Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF)
+ € 350,000

Acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of € 350,000 to be held for at least 5 years, Or Lease residential real estate in Malta for a period of 5 years, at an annual rent of at least € 16,000>/p>

+ € 150,000

Investments in stocks, bonds or special purpose vehicles to be identified by Identity Malta, for a minimum value of € 150,000

+ € 50,000

Global health insurance coverage for at least € 50,000 for all principals

Schedule of fees

Contributions to NDSF:

      • Main Applicant: €650,000
      • Spouse: €25,000
      • Every dependent child up the age of 17: €25,000
      • Every dependent child between ages 18-26, who is unmarried and financially dependent on the main Applicant: €50,000
      • Every dependent Applicant aged 55 and over, who lives with the main Applicant and is financially dependent on them: €50,000

Fees for due diligence:

      • Main Applicant: €7,500
      • Spouse: €5,000
      • Every dependent child up the age of 17: €3,000
      • Every dependent child between ages 18-26: €5,000
      • Every dependent Applicant aged 55 and over: €5,000

Refundable investments:

      • Investment in government bonds
      • (for at least 5 years): €150,000
      • Passport fee per person: €500
      • Bank commission for every applicant: €200


St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme

A teardrop shaped island in the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is an island nation with two majestic mountain peaks, the Pitons, forming the island’s most famous landmark. St. Lucia’s drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs, is also a popular tourist attraction. In addition to its quiet volcanic beaches, reef diving sites, Pigeon Island National Park (an old British military base), rainforests, and waterfalls such as Toraille, it is home to fishing villages and luxurious resorts. The capital, Castries, is a popular cruise ship stop.

St. Lucia, in XVII century, was the reason of endless clashes between the French and British and changed hands 14 times between the nations, resulting in the cultural diversity of the Caribbean community, which today fascinates by shades of France, England, Africa, and Eastern India. St. Lucia is now turning into an alluring travel destination offering endless gold sandy coastlines, lush rainforests, and dramatically photogenic landscape.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of St. Lucia was established in 2015 under the regulations of the Citizenship by Investment Bill 2015. The most recent CIP in the Caribbean has started receiving applications, January 2016 with the intention to become the most innovative and secure Programme in the region.

Advantages of St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme:
A St. Lucia passport allows visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, including the UK, EU, and Hong Kong.
St. Lucia imposes no tax on worldwide income.
There is no requirement to visit St. Lucia in order to qualify for citizenship, although all applicants are subject to a strict background check.
Applications are processed within 3 months of the application being accepted for processing by the Citizenship by Investment Unit.
The CIP may include in the application: parents under 65, as well as mentally or physically challenged dependent children and/or parents.
The CIP offers a variety of investment opportunities.
The granting of citizenship is at the sole discretion of the government; there is no guarantee that the applicant will be approved.
Investment Opportunities

Government Donation to National Economic Fund (NEF)

The St. Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF) was established in 2015 under Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act to receive donations under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Monies received into the NEF will be allocated for specific projects to help the national development agenda of St. Lucia.

Listed below are the investment requirements to qualify for citizenship.

Payments made to CIU before submission:

      • Due Diligence Principal Applicant US$ 7,500

      • Due Diligence Spouse US$ 5,000

      • Due Diligence Dependents > 16 US$ 5,000

      • Processing Fee Principal Applicant US$ 2,000

      • Processing Fee for each Dependent US$ 1,000

Once an application for citizenship has been approved, the following investment is required:

      • Principal applicant: US$ 100,000

      • Principal applicant with spouse US$ 165,000

      • Family with up to 3 dependents    US$ 190,000 (Principal applicant with spouse + 2 children)

      • Each additional dependent US$ 25,000

Payments made to Immigration Department:**

      • Passport fee for each applicant US$ 100

** This payment must be made to the Local Agent who will then pay the funds when submitting the passport application(s).

Real Estate Investment

Once approved for citizenship, the government of St. Lucia will allow applicants to invest into qualifying real estate: high-end branded hotels, resorts, and boutique properties.  The applicant is required to execute a binding purchase and sales agreement of an approved project for the following amount in order to qualify for citizenship:

Payments made to CIU before submission:

      • Due Diligence Principal Applicant US$ 7,500

      • Due Diligence Spouse US$ 5,000

      • Due Diligence Dependents > 16 US$ 5,000

      • Processing Fee Principal Applicant US$ 2,000

      • Processing Fee for each Dependent US$ 1,000

      • Principal Applicant Real Estate Investment: US$ 300,000

Payments made to the CIU after approval:

      • Administration Fees Principal Applicant US$ 50,000

      • Administration Fees Dependents > 16 US$ 35,000

      • Administration Fees Dependents <16 US$ 25,000

Payments made to Immigration Department:**

      • Passport Fee for each applicant US$ 100

** This payment must be made to the Local Agent who will then pay the funds when submitting the passport application(s).

Schedule of fees

Applicants and their families will also have to pay the following fees depending on the size of the family and the chosen investment option.

Vanuatu Development Support Programme (DSP)

Vanuatu is the slingshot-shaped chain of 83 islands located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand… and literally thousands of miles away from the world’s political and economic problems!

A former joint British-French protectorate, Vanuatu became an independent Republic in 1980 and has since fiercely guarded its independence and sovereignty. Vanuatu is self-sufficient in many aspects, with most of its food produce being organic. Vanuatu is a free market economy with no personal income taxes.

The capital city is Port Vila on the island of Efate. Albeit small in size and population (44,000), Port Vila boasts a well-developed banking and financial infrastructure with approximately seven banks serving the international financial industry and a range of highly professional lawyers, accountants and financial advisers including big-name international firms.

The Development Support Programme (DSP)

The Development Support Programme (DSP) of Vanuatu was initially proposed in early 2016 and fully adopted by the Government of Vanuatu in April 2017. The objective of the Plan is to create local jobs, stimulate the economy, and keep the national budget balanced.

To facilitate and attract overseas investors, Vanuatu has passed and enacted all necessary legislation and regulations, even going so far as to change its Constitution to recognize dual and multiple citizenships, which was not recognized until the Constitution was changed by a two-thirds majority of Parliament in December 2012.

Due diligence and ancillary documentation requirements are simpler than most economic citizenship programmes.  Online applications are streamlined and fast-tracked for most Commonwealth countries, resulting in reduced processing times of around 45 days. Vanuatu DSP is one of the fastest options for the investors looking for the second citizenship and a new passport. Processing can be completed within a one month; citizenship is granted after this period if the applicant matches the requirements.

Vanuatu has visa-free entry to Europe and England, and citizens are eligible for 5-year US visas.

Advantages of Vanuatu Citizenship:

Enjoy your freedom, mobility, and access to more than 100 countries visa free, including all European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Russia.

Citizens of Vanuatu are permitted to apply for Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600) and U.S. Tourist Visa, amongst others.

Family friendly citizenship programme: the successful application covers a family of four (main applicant, spouse, and one child under 18 years) with only nominal fees for additional dependents.

The Republic of Vanuatu imposes no income, wealth, and inheritance taxes.

The absence of tax treaty exchange and guaranteed bank and commercial privacy in the highly developed Vanuatu Banking sector (Vanuatu is the Bahamas of the Pacific but without tax exchange treaties in place with most countries).

No residency requirements for successful applicants.

All successful DSP applicants will receive a Vanuatu International Company with an account in a Vanuatu bank at no extra charge.


Applicants must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 65 when submitting their application.

Applicants must submit an original certificate of no criminal record from the jurisdiction in which he/she has resided during the last 12 months and (if different) the jurisdiction of his / her principal nationality.

At the start of application process: Applicant must deposit 25% upon submission plus due diligence fees. When Commission has been approved in principle (AIP), the applicant must deposit the remaining fee of 75%.

Applicants should have no less than US$450,000 of net personal assets when submitting their application.

Applicants should provide evidence that they are solvent and financially able to maintain themselves and their dependents without depending on income from any employment or business arranged in Vanuatu.

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St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme

The smallest sovereign state in the Americas is located in the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. The Federation unites the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis although both islands maintain certain independent regulation. The English-speaking islands remain under-developed by Caribbean standards, but tourism, the principal economy of the islands, has been growing steadily, bringing with it new hotels and resort developments. Both islands have international airports and two ferry lines connect them. The islands are still very connected with nature; it is estimated that St. Kitts & Nevis currently has a larger Vervet monkey population than humans.

The Federation of St Christopher and Nevis, also known as St Kitts and Nevis, has the longest-standing citizenship-by-investment initiative in the world established in 1984.

Advantages of St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme:

Quick processing: the citizenship is granted in 60 days (via Accelerated Application Process (AAP))

Zero tax: St. Kitts & Nevis imposes no income, wealth or inheritance taxes.

An applicant does not need to visit St. Kitts & Nevis in order to qualify for citizenship, although all applicants are subject to a strict due diligence check.

St. Kitts & Nevis recognizes dual citizenship, so you can still benefit from your current citizenship.

Good visa-free travel: With a passport of St. Kitts & Nevis you can travel visa free and worry free to more than 150 countries in the world, including all Europe and Union countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Caribbean and Commonwealth nations. Citizens can often acquire long-term travel visas to the United States of America.

Investment Opportunities

Government Donation to Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (S.I.D.F.)

The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation is a public charity established to support displaced St. Kitts and Nevis sugar workers. The fund researches and financially aids the development of industries to replace the sugar industry.

In order to qualify, the investor commits a non-refundable S.I.D.F. charitable donation of:

US$250k for a single person

US$300k for main applicant with up to three dependents (for example, a spouse and two children)

+ US$25k for additional dependents regardless of age

Real Estate Investment

To qualify, the investor (or investors) must enter into a contract to purchase real estate worth US$ 400,000 or more on either St. Kitts or Nevis. Once the purchase contract has been signed and the developer has received his initial deposit (typically 10–20 percent), the investor may apply for citizenship. It is important to note that the real estate contract can be made contingent upon the citizenship acceptance.

Eligible real estate investments must be purchased with the intent to build condos, homes, hotels, etc. Land-only purchases do not qualify. One exception is the super-development of Christophe Harbour on the south peninsula of St. Kitts, where qualifying lots may be purchased at a minimum of US$700,000. There are several marinas under construction and marina slips also qualify, as long as they meet the minimum investment of US$ 400,000.

Once citizenship has been accepted, the real estate purchase will be completed. The property may not be sold within five years or citizenship can be revoked.

Real estate developments in the Federation cater to those utilizing the Citizenship by Investment programme and make every effort to ensure ownership is a hassle-free experience.

Schedule of fees

Applicants and their families will also have to pay the following fees depending on the size of the family for either of the investment options:


OffshorePremium Team has more than 10 years of experience handling second citizenship’s and second passports application.

Why a Second Citizenship?

There are many reason why one person would want a second citizenship

1st reason: Not to be at one government mercy

      • Not to be dependent of one single government.

      • In most country your passport don’t belong to you but to your government

      • Your government can grant you a passport but he can take it away in an instant and you can find yourself suddenly in the situation of Mr Snowden (for whom I have no sympathy at all) stranded at an airport without a passport.

      • With one nationality only and one passport only you are at the mercy of your government which can decide anytime to revoke your passport and impede your freedom to travel or even to jail you or confiscate your assets.

2nd reason Danger


      • Terrorism can make international travel particularly hazardous to citizens of certain countries. Hostage-takers and kidnappers in certain part of Africa are now targeting French, UK or US citizens. A second passport may be handy and save your life

3rd reason Travel Freedom

      • A second passport may give you access to travel in countries where your own passport might not be used because temporary or permanent travel restrictions.

      • You may also come from a country which is collapsing or where a revolution is happening or which is under international sanctions and as a result you may have very few options to travel.

4th reason Comfort


      • Having a second passport means that you can live, work, do business or study in another country without any problem especially you get the grail of second citizenship which as the moment is a European passport. Indeed while Europe is not what it used to be anymore it is still a haven of peace and security.

      • Having a second passport can dramatically increase your personal and economic freedom.

Where to Apply for a Second Citizenship?

There are many options that is to say as follows

      • Central America (discretionary citizenship)

      • Caribbeans (investment programs)

      • European Union (Investment programs)


Read More About Second Citizenship

For more information about Second Citizenships and secon Passport please read on our posts on the subject by clicking the link below

Investor Visa Canada 2018

Introduced in 1986, the highly successful Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) offers qualified high net worth individuals and families worldwide the opportunity to immigrate to Canada through the Province of Quebec. With the recent closure of Canada’s Federal Immigrant Investor program, the exclusive QIIP is the only Canada investor visa of its kind currently available to international business people, and it boasts the exact same investment standards as the former federal program.

According to the Reputation Institute, Canada is the “most admired” country with the “best reputation” in the world, and the modern and safe nation offers immigrants a fantastic quality of life in a pluralistic society, all at an affordable cost of living. Successful Quebec Investor Program candidates will be granted an unconditional Canada Permanent Resident Visa and may immediately start living, working and doing business anywhere in the country. Children of new investor immigrants may also promptly begin studying in Canada, and can apply to local schools and universities as a Canadian resident as opposed to a foreign student.

UPDATE: The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will reopen for new applications from May 29, 2017 until February 23, 2018. The program will only accept a maximum of 1900 applications during this limited intake period, so we strongly encourage you to act fast.

Investor Immigration Canada Eligibility

Minimum Net Worth

In order to be admitted into the Quebec Investor Program 2018, foreign investors must have a legally obtained minimum net worth of CAD $1.6 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), either individually or combined with their spouse or partner. Assets that may be included when calculating net worth include real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, as well as pension funds. Under the Quebec program for investors, inherited assets are classified as legally obtained, however, donation or inheritance money must have been received at least six months prior to launching a QIIP application. As of October 2017, $1.6 million Canadian dollars is equivalent to approximately USD 1.3 million, EUR 1.1 million, or CNY 8.5 million.

Risk-Free Investment

Applicants for Canada investor immigration must sign an agreement stating their intention to make a government guaranteed CAD $800,000 investment in Quebec through a financial intermediary authorized to participate in the QIIP. This prescribed investment in a five-year term note is fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of Quebec, and in accordance with the provisions of the program, the money is returned in full after five years with 0% interest. Please note: this passive investment does not have to be made until after an applicant is approved in principle for investor immigration to Quebec, so there is no risk of making the investment only to be later refused a Canada investor visa.

Financing Solution

Over the last decade, a significant percentage of the Quebec and Canada Immigrant Investor Program participants have financed their investment in the country. Investors who do not wish to liquidate assets in order to come up with the required C$800,000 can finance the investment through an authorized Canadian financial intermediary for a one-time loan payment of ~$220,000 CAD, which includes all interest and fees. This means that as of October 2017, the “true cost” of obtaining a Canada investor visa is only around 175,000 American dollars, 1.2 million Chinese Yuan Renminbi, or 150,000 euros depending on the exchange rate. The Quebec-based law firm we work with exclusively has excellent relationships with reputable financial intermediaries who regularly loan to Canada investor immigration clients, allowing us to facilitate the financing of your investment at highly competitive rates should you choose to retain our professional services. Investments must be made in full within 110 days of being approved in principle for a Canada investor visa, so working with a law firm that has existing relationships with major financial institutions in Canada can make meeting this deadline less stressful. Please note: the current walk-away price of financing the $800,000 investment fluctuates between C$200,000 and C$240,000 according to interest rates, so we are unable to state a precise amount on our website.

Quebec Residency

Immigrant Investor Program applicants must intend to settle in Quebec, the largest province in the country by size and second largest by population, accounting for almost 1/4 of Canada’s 35 million people. Quebec is a vibrant and prosperous society built upon egalitarian beliefs that is incredibly welcoming and diverse. Although investor class immigrants and their families are allowed to settle in any city in Canada, the tremendous quality of life in Quebec makes the province highly popular among newcomers to the country. Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, is a modern and dynamic city with exceptional shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, as well as some of the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in the nation. The education system in Quebec is first rate, and the province is home to world-class schools such as McGill University. Although Quebec is predominantly a French-speaking province, English is commonly spoken in Montreal especially within the city’s business community. The astounding multiculturalism of Montreal also makes the city immensely inviting to new immigrants, and the province is famous for having some of the cleanest air and water in the entire world.

Business Management Experience

The Quebec Canada Investor Program requires primary applicants to have acquired at least two years of full-time business management experience in the past five years. Qualifying business management experience for the purposes of investor immigration to Canada must involve some portion of the management, planning, and control of both the financial side and the human or physical/material resources side of the enterprise or organization. Examples of appropriate management experience include commercial business, professional business (provided the private enterprise or partnership had 2 or more full-time employees excluding the applicant), NGO, agricultural (farm management), foreign government department or agency, international organization, or industrial management. Quebec immigration authorities will only consider business experience that was legitimately attained while the applicant had proper work authorization or legal status – unauthorized work experience does not count.

Other Factors

In addition to the above selection criteria, Canadian investment visa adjudicators who evaluate Quebec investor stream immigration applications will also consider factors such as age, education, adaptability, language proficiency, and work experience when making an assessment of a candidate’s file. A skilled Canada immigration lawyer with extensive experience preparing Quebec Investor Program applications can ensure that a client’s file effectively communicates every attribute he or she possesses that could potentially strengthen their application. Before moving to Canada, all persons included under an investment visa Canada file must also pass a medical exam as well as security and criminal checks.

Immigrant Investor Program Canada

Many people confuse the former Canada Immigrant Investor Program with the current Quebec immigration program for investors. Although both economic citizenship programs were extremely similar with identical investment and net worth requirements, only the Quebec Investor Program is currently operating as a gateway to Canada for wealthy business people holding citizenship from any country. In February 2014, the Canadian government announced the cancellation of the highly popular Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP), slamming the door on 59,000 applicants whose pending files were instantly canceled. Many of these former candidates from the federal program are still interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship by investment, however, and consequently, the next Quebec Investor Program opening may reach capacity very shortly after it commences on May 29th, 2017 (this latest QIIP intake period will only accept 1900 applicants).

If you are interested in learning more about investment immigration to Canada via the Quebec Program, please contact our team for a confidential consultation.

Investment Immigration Canada Application Process

Step 1: Law firm works alongside client to obtain all supporting documentation required by the Quebec Investor Program including:

      • Identity and civil status documents

      • Police clearance certificates

      • Documents proving net worth

      • Documents supporting business management experience

      • Documents showing educational qualifications

Step 2: If any supplemental documentation is not in English or French, law firm will help arrange the certified translation of the documents by an accredited translator. Please note: Canadian immigration authorities will only accept certified translations signed or stamped by professional translators with verifiable credentials in Canada. Otherwise, translated documents that are not accompanied by an affidavit swearing to the accuracy of the translation, as well as the proficiency of the translator, will not be recognized.

Step 3: Lawyer completes investor visa Canada application form as per government guidelines, and organizes all supporting documentation.

Step 4: Client reviews their investor file and signs QIIP application form as well as power of attorney mandate allowing law firm to communicate with the Government on their behalf.

Step 5: Lawyer formally submits signed application and supporting documents to Immigration Quebec for initial processing. The CAD $15,111 Government application fee is due at this point, and must be paid via Canada Post money order or a bank draft drawn from a bank with a presence in Canada. Please note: this Government processing fee may be subject to a small increase in 2018.

Step 6: Incomplete applications are returned to the candidate. Adequate applications are added to the processing queue and an official QIIP Acknowledgement of Receipt is sent to the applicant.

Step 7: Quebec immigration authorities review the application to ensure client satisfies all investor category immigration Canada requirements including minimum legally obtained net worth and business management experience.

Step 8: Applicants who meet the selection conditions and criteria of the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) will be scheduled for a personal interview with a Quebec immigration officer. Within ten business days of being scheduled for an interview, candidates must submit updated documents and forms to Immigration Quebec personnel, along with any other additional documentation that may support their application. Lawyer works closely with client to ensure revised documentation accurately reflects his or her current financial situation. Lawyer will also personally prepare client for their interview, which includes an extensive one on one coaching session. If necessary, a qualified interpreter will be present to assist with this interview preparation. Please note: in certain situations, the personal interview may be waived by immigration authorities in which case the client will receive an official interview waiver notice.

Step 9: Upon the completion of a successful personal interview, Quebec investment immigration staff will approve client in principle and send them detailed wire transfer instructions.

Step 10: Client has a maximum of 110 days to successfully send funds of CDN $800,000. Clients financing the investment through an authorized financial intermediary of the Quebec Investor Program must wire transfer the up-front loan cost of approximately $220,000 within this timeframe.

Step 11: Upon receipt of the full $800 thousand investment, business immigration officers will issue a “Quebec Selection Certificate” or “Certificat de Sélection du Québéc”, which is commonly referred to as a CSQ. The issuance of a CSQ signifies the applicant’s approval at the provincial level, and his or her file is then handed over to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be processed at the federal level. Federal processing fees are due at this time.

Step 12: Once Canadian visa authorities have assessed the investor application, medical instructions are issued to the client. If applicable, client, as well as their accompanying family members, must undergo a medical examination performed by an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) approved physician.

Step 13: Once the results of the medical exam are received by business immigration officials, successful applicants and their families are fully approved for Canadian investor visas. At this time, a formal request for the passport of each person included under the investor application is given for the purposes of issuing the visa. The Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) is now due.

Step 14: A Canada business visa for investors is issued to the primary applicant and each accompanying family member. The investment visa will contain an expiry date, which is the last day a person can use it to gain entry to Canada for permanent immigration. After arriving in the country, Canadian investor visa holders will receive a permanent residence card (Canada PR Card) which can be used to leave and re-enter the country at will.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Processing Times

The amount of time required to process a Quebec immigration investor file depends on an assortment of factors, principally the current volume of investor applications in a candidate’s geographic pool.

Provincial processing times – It typically takes 9 to 12 months for an investor category applicant to receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) representing Quebec approval.

Federal processing times – After receiving a CSQ, it then takes approximately 3 to 4 years for the file to be processed federally by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). As of January 2017, the official Quebec Immigrant Investor Program processing time listed on the CIC website was 40 months.

Based on the historical average processing time, a Quebec Investor Program 2018 applicant should receive a Canada investment visa within five years. We believe 2018 QIIP processing times will actually be significantly faster than this, however. Quebec has recently updated their economic immigration rules to limit the number of applications they receive across entrepreneur, investor, and self-employed immigration categories. This should reduce the number of files that must be processed by the Government. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has also changed the way they process some immigration applications. Previously, CIC processing times for many services would vary greatly between regional visa offices. For example, Quebec investor files were processed more than twice as fast in Mexico as they were in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As of January 2016, however, the CIC now has the ability to move applications between visa offices around the world to ensure they are processed with maximum efficiency. This means your 2018 Quebec Immigrant Investor Program application may not be processed at the visa office closest to where you live, but may be processed more efficiently. It also means there is no more country-specific QIIP processing times viewable online, as the CIC now only provides a single Quebec Investor Program processing time estimation for all countries.

Canada Investment Immigration for French Speakers

Business people who demonstrate advanced intermediate French language skills, by means of a standardized proficiency test recognized by the Government of Quebec, can often apply for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program year-round. In addition to being able to apply before or after a designated intake period, investor candidates who speak French are also provided priority processing and are not subject to the program cap of 1900 applications. The Quebec Investor Program 2018 is one of the most coveted citizenship by investment programs in the World, and the additional benefits available exclusively to French speaking applicants make it by far the top investment immigration program in existence for Francophone business people and managers worldwide.

Why a Quebec Immigration Lawyer?

Although there are many foreign consultants offering discount immigration services, retaining the services of a licensed immigration attorney in Quebec has many advantages. First and foremost, the level of expertise related to Quebec investment immigration offered by an experienced Quebec-based lawyer simply cannot be beaten outside of Canada. Foreign consultants typically offer a range of citizenship by investment and investment immigration services in a variety of countries around the world, yet frequently outsource much of the actual legal work required to outside contractors. Directly working with an immigration lawyer in Quebec that knows the Investor Program inside and out ensures that your file will be highly optimized for success and that you will be guided through each step of the process in a professional, effective manner.

Getting approved for a Canada investment visa by way of the Quebec Investor Program 2018 is not easy, and incomplete or inconsistent applications can be refused without request for additional documentation or information. The application requirements for the Investor Program in Quebec are more comprehensive than those of many Caribbean economic citizenship programs, and the requisite documentation can easily overwhelm a person inexperienced with the process. One of the most rigorous and demanding elements of the investor application is the detailed chronological narrative demonstrating the lawful accumulation of the applicant’s financial assets. An immigration lawyer in Quebec with extensive experience handling files for business immigration to Canada will genuinely understand the immense level of detail needed to substantiate this critical QIIP provision comprehensively to procure a successful result for the client. According to official statistics, 76% of applications for Canadian investor immigration are refused, which means the success rate is only 24%. If you are serious about moving to Canada as an economic immigrant, we strongly encourage you to hire an experienced Quebec investor immigration attorney. Please note: the 2019 acceptance rate is widely expected to increase, as each qualified financial intermediary is now assigned a quota limiting the number of clients they can service, which will likely reduce the number of “weak” applications being submitted.

How Many Applications From China Will Be Accepted?

The Quebec Government has specified that no single country should account for more than 70% of the program’s applicants, and consequently a maximum of 1330 applications will be accepted from China (including Hong Kong and Macao). This stipulation will make it easier for non-Chinese nationals to be selected for processing since heavy demand from China will not be able to cap the entire program as soon as the intake period begins.

Canada Citizenship by Investment

Individuals and families that immigrate to Canada by way of Quebec investor visa can eventually obtain Canadian citizenshipafter living in the country for 48 months. To be eligible for citizenship in Canada, applicants must have been physically present in the country as a permanent resident for a minimum 1460 days (four years) during the six years immediately before their citizenship application is filed, provided all other required conditions are fulfilled. Once a permanent resident of Canada obtains Canadian citizenship, they are eligible to apply for a Canadian passport. One of the most valuable travel documents in the World, 172 different countries offer Canadian passport holders visa-free or visa-on-arrival access.

Since many Quebec investors end up becoming citizens of Canada, some people casually refer to the QIIP as a “Canada citizenship by investment program.” Although this is not an inaccurate description, many investment citizenship programs in Europe and the Caribbean essentially allow people to buy citizenship with no residency requirement. Since you cannot buy Canadian citizenship through the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, the term “Canadian citizenship by investment” is a pretty big stretch given the minimum four year residency requirement in order to become a citizen. “Canadian residency by investment” or “Canada immigration by investment” are much more accurate descriptions of the QIIP.

How Does the Immigrant Investor Program Benefit Quebec?

Funding made available by the Quebec Canada Immigration Investor Program directly helps support small businesses in the province. Through Investment Quebec, funds obtained under the QIIP provide subsidies to Quebec companies with net assets less than $35 million who are seeking financial assistance with local projects. Over the past decade, Investment Quebec has supported the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by authorizing financing grants of more than $500 million across all regions of Quebec, fueling job creation and boosting economic development. Revenue generated by virtue of the Quebec Immigration Investment Program also funds the Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME), a strategic initiative that helps many new Canadians enter the Quebec job market as tradesmen. In addition to the numerous economic benefits, the Immigrant Investor Program directly contributes to the Province of Quebec, many people who gain admission to Canada as investor immigrants also end up opening successful businesses in their communities, which further benefits the local economy.

Immigration through Investment to Quebec

Canada is ranked by the United Nations as one of the world’s best places to live. With free-market access to the USA and easy proximity to India, Asia, South America and the EU, it is also a great place to do business. Under the Canada-Quebec Accord, the province of Quebec operates its own immigrant investor program. All investors in the program must be selected by Quebec and must plan to settle in Quebec. Under Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Programs, you and your family may become eligible for one of the most valued second citizenship – citizenship of Canada. The Quebec Program, which is administered and guaranteed by the government of Quebec, Canada’s largest province, has been in operation since 1986. It makes the Canadian program one of the oldest and the most reputable immigration through investment program in the world. Recently, in 2010, the program was significantly modified. Generally speaking, the selection criteria (except for the investment amount required and assets required) rest the same. The threshold of the required investment doubled and now equals to CAD 800,000.

Immigration experts of Elma Global have been in the business of helping entrepreneurs and their families gain Permanent Residence and subsequently Canadian citizenship since 2003. Now our company works with one of the largest, most respected operator of Canada’s Immigrant Investor Programs and with a government approved facilitator. With our network of advisors speaking many languages, our clients can be assured of getting the professional help they need at every stage of immigration process.

About Immigration through Investment Program

With the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, your capital CAD 800,000 is invested in a five-year, zero-interest, government-guaranteed Quebec term note that supports Quebec-based businesses, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. Investors in this program must initially be destined for Quebec.

Citizenship by Investment in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program was introduced in 2015 to become the fifth citizenship program in the Caribbean (the other players are St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada). All the five Caribbean citizenship programs are more or less similar by required investment level and qualification criteria. Against this background, Saint Lucia stands out by more investment options than in other programs (e.g. refundable government bond investment option can be found only citizenship legislation of Saint Lucia and not available in other countries of the Caribbean).

Benefits of Saint Lucia Citizenship and Passport:

  • Citizenship for life, including the right to work, reside and study in St Lucia
  • Visa-free travel to 114 countries and territories, including the Schengen Area (all European countries). The full list is at the end of this article.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed therefore no need to renounce your current citizenship
  • Stable nation belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and the International Organizati
  • After amendments that came into force from 01.01.2017 citizenship program of St. Lucia is the most affordable in the Caribbean region (if we compare non-refundable contribution options of all the 5 Caribbean passport programs).

Investment Options:

  • National Economic Fund (NEF) Contribution. Monetary non-refundable contribution to the NEF organization as follows: US$ 100,000 for a single applicant, US$ 165,000 for main applicant with spouse, US$ 190,000 for a family with up to 3 dependents (spouse + 2 children), US$ 25,000 for every additional dependent
  • Real Estate Investment. The purchased property must be minimum US$ 300,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area. The property must be owned and maintained for a minimum of 5 years. Property registration, processing fees and taxes must be paid in addition to the property purchase.
  • Enterprise Project Investment. An applicant must invest a minimum of US$ 3,500,000 in an approved enterprise project and create at least 3 jobs. Two applicants can share an investment of US$ 6,000,000 and create 6 jobs to qualify. Approved enterprise projects must fall under one of the following categories: specialty restaurants, cruise ports and marinas, agro-processing plants, pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads and highways, research institutions and facilities, or offshore universities.
  • Government Bonds as follows: US$ 500,000 for a single applicant, US$ 535,000 for main applicant with spouse, US$ 550,000 for a family with up to 3 dependents (spouse + 2 children), US$ 25,000 for every additional dependent. The bonds must be owned and maintained for a minimum of 5 years.

Visa-Free Travel for Saint Lucian Citizens

Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gambia, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Micronesia, Monaco, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Vatican City, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Visa on Arrival or E-Visa for Saint Lucian Citizens

Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, India, Iran, Jordan, Laos, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nepal, Palau, Samoa, Senegal, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tonga, Turkey, Tuvalu, Uganda

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